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Fatal Nunchaku - "Paving Stone Under The Beach"

Vinyle 10" du trio Toulousaing de Fastcore/Powerviolence de 2009.
Pochette sérigraphiée 4 couleurs.

Paving Stone Under The Beach :

A1 Nuclear War In My Head
A2 Your First Degree Brutal Lyrics Don't Scare Me And Your Porn Shit Does Not Make Me Laugh At All, You Stupid Asshole
A3 Zombie A Gogo!
A4 Love
A5 Choupinou
A6 Tuerie T'S' Written-By – Nirvana
A7 It Seems That This Song Would Have Kick Everybody's Ass, What A Pity That We Fucked It Up From The Beginning
A8 Any Animal Species Is Not A Biological Model For Another One
A9 Son Of A Boss, Son Of A Bitch
A10 Godzilla Attack Attack !
B1 I Do Can Write An Old School Song Too, Dude !
B2 Deep Down Into The Guts Of Hell...
B3 Americarm Allowes Firearm Carrying And Find Death Penally Legal, So What ?
B4 Decharge
B5 With No Exeption, Every Single Song That Last More Than 30 Seconds Is A Fucking Boring Song And Should Not Exist !
B6 War
B7 I Believe In Seitan Because It Is Good For My Health And For The Animals' One Too !
B8 It Is When I See These Bloody Bastards Being Dead Set Against A Poor Demonstrator That I Really Feel Protected By The Police