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Fatal Nunchaku / xKATExMOSHx ‎- "Split 2013"

Split vinyle 7" avec le trio de Fastcore/Powerviolence : Fatal Nunchaku (Toulouse) et le quatuor de Fastcore/Powerviolence aussi : xKatexMoshx (Rome, IT).

Split 2013 :

Fatal Nunchaku Side
- Any Song That Last More Than 30 Seconds Is A Fucking Boring Song And Should Not Exist (2012 Version) / Play Fast, Stay Young, Stay Fast, Die Old
- Any Punkrock Band Should Have An Anti Hyppi Song!
- Hi Girls!
- Bloody Lies

- Better Living Through Self Surgery
- Chatroulette
- Dragonforce Aren't A Force
- Curse You With Voodoo
- Piggy Eyes
- Chiesa Di Merda
- Turtles Should Sue You