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BooM - "The World"

Vinyle 7" des Toulousaing de BooM (ex Fatal Nunchaku). Fastcore rapide et furieux avec un doux chant féminin.
Pochette unique pour chaque vinyle, collage à la maing : pépite !

The World :

A1 Boom The System
A2 Pets And Kids Are Like Swimming Pools, It Is Better At The Others
A3 Goddamned God Damned
A4 Painu Vittuun
A5 Stakhanov Is My Enemy!
B1 Deep Down Inside The Blackened Soul Of Humanity
B2 Animals Are My Friends And I Don't Eat My Friends
B3 Duality Of Man
B4 4.5 Billions Years Of Evolution, 250 Years Of Destruction